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I’m just about to make some posts: of course I’ll post about the sorts of things which interest me. Please do the same! It’s by having posts here that we’ll attract more posts.

Those of you watching by email: please at least drop by and give out some love (aka likes, aka +1s) to posts which appeal to you. Preferably, drop by and post something - Introduce Yourself, or tell a story.

And as I like to have a photo in a post, here’s a photo from my 2015 visit to Swindon’s Museum of Computing - and here’s an album.

Nice to see both a PET - first computer I used at home - and a UK101 - first computer I owned.


Is the UK101 hanging on the wall?

That’s a really great album! I have a couple of those calculators (mechanical and electronic) or their close cousins. I use them to demonstrate how far computing power has come in such a short time. I have a Ti 2550, very similar to the 2500 in that album, for example. It was $100 in 1976. Half a decade later (ish), a VIC-20 was $100.

Sinclair's Scientific, Nigel Searle, TI's calculator chips
From 1979: the Compukit UK101 (my first computer)

That’s right, the UK101 is on the wall. It was very much a single-board-computer, being a single board with the keyboard and power regulator on the board. Off-board you needed a transformer, and then some way to keep the mains voltage away from humans, but that was up to you. I repurposed a couple of wooden things for my cases. I should post a photo… in a new thread!

That’s a nice early calculator, and with a four-function memory too. If you haven’t read Ken Shirriff’s two related histories, that’s well worth doing. Oh no, it might be another thread again!

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From 1979: the Compukit UK101 (my first computer)