Wafer scale integration from 1969

Here’s a mystery TI device, a customised and packaged 1.5" wafer. It turns out the inflation-adjusted cost of a wafer is the same today - but you get a billion times as many transistors. And you can’t simply package up a 12" wafer.

Bunnie Huang challenges us to identify this particular part:

I couldn’t find anything on this specific part number (DRA-2009E), so I figured why not turn it over to Name that Ware to see if anyone could come up with more details, about the logic family itself, or ideally about the specific part number shown here.

See also
A RAM chip, from 1955, before the integrated circuit

They seem to love to cut off the “corners” these days:

Though to be fair, Sinclair was already doing this in the late 1980s:

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Oh yes, I’d forgotten that adventure!


I was thinking instantly of those Sinclair drives, as well!

The Late Rick Dickinson, I presume…

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