This Mysterious Computer Could Prove Time Travel Exists | Nostalgia Nerd

Stumbled across this video while watching Youtube on my TV. Might be interesting to look for a copy of “The Vertical Plane,” on loan, since the price is a little too high for my pocketbook.

Just to note, this same story appeared in this previous thread:
Ghostly Beeb Communications

Crap! I always find about interesting things to post, only to find out it’s already in the forums.


Never mind. On the theme of the link of technologies and the paranormal, I find it remarkable that the computer seems to serve quite a range of purposes in this example. It’s not just, say, “EMP” (“electronic memory phenomenon” or ghostly texts appearing in unused portions of memory), it’s more general purpose and even features two-way communications. Quite to the point.

Edit: Moreover, the phenomenon dosen’t just consist in passive registration, like in photography or sound recordings, it connects dispersed, active users. (And this even before the Internet became popular!) Again, as a critique of a new medium, quite to the point.

Hee hee - I see this as a good sign, if the forum here is featuring some of the best of the retro web, more of us will read more of the threads here and hopefully that will bring more posts and more good conversation.