SWEDA E-3 booking machine (1960)

During research for the IBM 160x, I searched the great PDF Rechnen mit Maschinen (I mentioned on this Rare computers post), I found this SWEDA device (and another chair)

Maybe it’s not a computer. Interesting is also the output paper with 5 tracks. Read photo electric and punch a punch card. There are 2 more photos on this page (262) which are related (commercial use) but different company showing a sorting machine and a booking card with punched, human readable numbers.

The book was written by Wilfried de Beauclair, assistant to Prof. Dr. Alwin Walther at the Institute for Practical Mathematics (IPM) at the Technical University Darmstadt. For Konrad Zuse he built the scanner and the punch for punched tape for his Z4 (also known as V4), the last computer built by Zuse during the war. He died in 2020 at the age of 108.

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