RadioShack Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer (aka Gakken FX R-165, GMC-4, ...)


I remember seeing these “computer labs” from Radio Shack, and I was curious about them, but I got the sense I wouldn’t be able to do much with them, and would get bored rather quickly. I’ve seen demos of a couple of these kits (my memory is RS sold another one that just contained logic gates, with some LEDs), and so far, my suspicion has been confirmed. It was a neat concept, teaching basics of computing, but my sense of them is they were intended to be basic lessons, and once those lessons were done, there wasn’t much else you could do with them. Like Michael said, he wanted to try programming the Towers of Hanoi, but there wasn’t enough memory. What this hints at is if Science Fair had made these kits expandable, with some open sockets where chips could be added, that would’ve been a great improvement.


Actually, I failed fitting this in, but Jason succeeded - check this out. So, it is a real computer, after all :wink:

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