Peter Zinovieff: First home computer in the UK (?) PDP-8, synthesiser

This just popped up on my twitter feed - a BBC interview with Peter Zinovieff who died recently. Peter was an early electronics and computer music creator and went on to create synthesisers used by many musicians/groups…

It’s a fascinating interview.

Also his wikipedia page:



Interesting! I had a moment of scepticism that his computers (a PDP-8/L and /S) were named after his children Leo and Sofka, rather than the other way around, but it turns out his parents were also called Leo and Sofka, anticipating DEC’s naming conventions…

There’s an earlier mention of Zinovieff and a video within an earlier comment:
Cartridge Music (C64, Sega Megadrive)


There’s a nice diagram of Zinovieff’s dual-PDP-8 MUSYS system on the linked page:

and a photo of the studio too:

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