Cartridge Music (C64, Sega Megadrive)

Music has been around on computers almost as long as they have been in existence. In the early days, it has been mostly Bach, but at least as soon as the PDP-8 arrived, there have been some more avant-garde style music systems as well. And then came Kraftwerk, introducing the modern genre of electronic music as we know it.

YouTube channel Techmoan, dedicated to vintage audio equipment and formats, has a video presenting two modern day examples on cartridge media. While the Sega Megadrive example is more on the conventional Techno side of thing, the C64 cartridge is nothing of this, rather continuing the avant-garde tradition, which came before this, with generated music. And some of the sounds are quite impressing, not what you’d normally expect from SID tunes.


Regarding the PDP-8, mind Peter Zinovieff, who did some avant-garde and experimental things in London in the 1960s on the MUSYS system developed together with Peter Grogono.