Intersil Intercept Jr. and printing ASCII text on papertape, PDP-8 model test

I’ve checked some PDP-8 software and found WHATAMI. That checks what PDP hardware someone has.
/10=KK8F [PDP-8/E, F, M, 8A-600 SERIES].
/11=KK8A [PDP-8/A 400 OR SIMILAR].
/12=6100 CHIP [VT78 OR INTERCEPT I].
/13=6120 CHIP [CPU8 OR GIZMO].

As I have an Intersil 6100 on my Festo device, I found the Intercept I. Searching for that, I found this German Retro site with some good photos of an Intersil Intercept Jr. (another computer) and a description on how to print out a papertape with ASCII text.

There’s also code and some special memory mapping of the Intersil.
0000 reserved
0001 - 0137 free
0140 - 0177 resered
0200 - 0377 free
3000 - 4777 free
6000 - 7777 ROM IM6312-002

The punchtxt software is from here and has a list of characters like A= 254;9;9;9;254 (all 5 bytes)

Intercept I and II are another trainers. I haven’t found any photo and few info about that.


Next to the Intersil Intercept Jr. And Intercept II/III there was also an Intersil Concept-48 with 8048 code. (Also some other board there)
My working Intersil Concept-48 board | Here is the fully fun… | Flickr

I found some details/manuals for both Intercept and Concept (next to all other ICs) on the 1981 Intersil Databook (1230 pages). Intercept II page 1138, Concept on page 1147

Intercept III I mentioned here