Forum downtime imminent! (All done!)

All is going very nicely on the forum, both socially and technically and in terms of interesting discussions, and we should all congratulate ourselves on that…

…but I need to take the forum down for an hour or so for a slightly disruptive upgrade, which I think I’ll do at 18:00 UK time, which is 17:00 GMT, 1900 in much of Europe, and some other time in other parts of the world. You know where you are!

Hopefully we’ll all meet again on the other side…


… and we’re back! All seemed to go smoothly, and I think we were off-air for about 45 mins.

When my credit with the current hosting provider runs out, in about two or three months, I expect to take another bit of downtime to migrate to a cheaper provider - it’ll be Hetzner, one I’ve been using for a while, with a good reputation, so not too cheap for our purposes.

There might yet be another one or two short outages for software upgrades, but as it went smoothly this time, I might not make such a big deal of it.


As we’re in the talking-about-the-forum category, I’ll note that we’ve recently passed our third birthday - hurrah! :birthday: :tada: :computer:

In that time we’ve created 1500 topics, which is about ten a week, I reckon, and we’ve got nearly 100 users contributing at least monthly (and another 300 who might be lurking)…

Here’s one of our earliest threads, a thread which could run and run:
Shelfies: bookshelves with a retrocomputing angle


And really heartfelt, so it makes the 20 character limit! :slight_smile: