Dutch computers of the 50s and 60s - Mona Lisa and Zebra

Searching for an assumed Dutch computer class of the 50s on this thread consisting of 2 names or name and person (I only know Manchester Baby and Atanasoff–Berry)

I found this interesting sites, both in English. I only knew later Philips.

Philips CAB Mona Lisa, a computer based on Circuit Blocks, 1960

Mona Lisa: using Excess-3 code

Another famous series is from Electrologica



That first article is curious in that it has a passing reference to Electrologica without discussing it in any detail. Curious because that was the main, if not only, Dutch manufacturer of computers in that era.
The ZEBRA is the microprogrammed computer mentioned in the first note, I’m pretty sure.

On the Kirchoff adder mentioned in the first article, I wonder if the inventor mentioned actually is the inventor. It is described by name (but no mention of Kosten) in the text of the computer design course taught by A. van Wijngaarden at the MC Amsterdam, february 1948 – see document CR-3 in the CWI archive.