Beck-Tech ROMICE card?

I am helping clean up after an electronics serial hoarder. While most of the stuff is clearly junk, I am trying to avoid tossing too much stuff that somebody would actually want. There are two BECK-TECK ROMICE cards. They have a copyright of 1986. One of them has a ribbon cable with a 28-pin DIP connector and two probes on it; the other one is missing the cable.

Any idea what these might be and if somebody would want them? There are higher resolution pictures here.



A nice bit of kit, if that’s what you need! Found this from Jan 1987:

A plug-in card for the PC, PC/XT, and PC/AT that provides realtime in-circuit emulation of a ROM or EPROM of up to 64KB, with an average access time of 200 nanoseconds, is available from Beck-Tech, Inc. romice is processor-independent and operates in 4-, 8-, 16-, or 32-bit microprocessor systems. DOS software is included to support a screen editor of the memory contents, hexadecimal file load and save, and 20 other utility commands. $595.

Thanks! That is a big help. At least now I know what these two cards are. Sadly, I don’t have the software to go with them. Any suggestions on getting them to somebody that might want them? Posting them to eBay is about all I can think of, but I am doubtful that people are actively looking for these things.

I doubt that the software is too hard to replace. You probably just have to copy up to 64KB to the board and you are done. The complicated part is figuring the address mapping for that area, which is likely to be in the two PAL chips.