PowerMac 7100/80AV in need of a home

The same junk pile that produced the ROMICE cards also had a PowerMac 7100/80AV. Having a soft spot for old Macs I saved it from the recycle. If somebody wants to pick it up (near Pueblo, CO) it is free.

Comes with an Apple Multiple Scan 1705 display and an Apple extended keyboard, if desired. No mouse, and the cables ARE NOT. The computer boots off CD (not included), but does not have a hard drive. The HD died when I tried to reformat & zero it out, so I pulled it as it may have confidential info on it. The display is presumed to work but I have not personally tested it.

I would rather that somebody meet me in the area to cart this thing off. I would want paid for my time to mess with packing and ship it, and my time is not cheap.

Oh, and if you come by to pick it up you are welcome to the ROMICE cards while you are at it. And I might toss in some transistors and logic gates!

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