A trove of videos from 70s, 80s, 90s with Alan Kay, PARC, Smalltalk theme

Yoshiki Ohshima has put together quite a collection of videos relating to early work on computers in education, computer interfaces, new thinking in ways to use computers.

Please feel free to post any here which particularly appeal to you!

(Some of these are quite raw transfers from distressed video tape, but still I think worthwhile.)

I’ll kick off with a couple:

via the JOSS video posted in the recent Vintage computer ads … thread.

(perhaps see also Points of View - a tribute to Alan Kay on his 70th birthday)


The second is from the MIT Logo group, and is part of the “AI Film” collection with around 100 clips that were found when CSAIL moved from their old Tech Square building to new facilities. Early Artificial Intelligence Projects

Hacker legend Richard Greenblatt offered his comments about the films. Apparently the display turtle hardware was controlled by a DG Supernova. Some of that code recently turned up.