Windows 95 — How Does it Look Today? (and other old "consumer" OSes)

I found this latest article in the series, but at the end there are links for the earlier articles: Altair, CP/M, Apple II, Apple MacIntosh, and Windows 1, 2, and 3.


I recently installed Windows 98 and other software in response to the EU’s outdated software recommendations in the “Brexit” agreement. The link to the article (in German): Ich hab' sie noch alle! - Michael Detambel

I have a fully kitted-out Thinkpad X23 that has WindowsXP on it. With the graphical extensions disabled it looks exactly like Windows 95/98 (or 2000) with a slightly different color scheme. I like it a lot. In terms of interface responsiveness it’s much more fun to use than my Windows 10 desktop.

I know Windows 10 has a lot more going on under the hood (for better or worse) than WindowsXP, but I really feel like it’s embarrassing for Microsoft that my triple-core 3Ghz gaming hog can’t do something like draw a right-click menu without noticeable lag. I recently upgraded it to a SSD and did a clean install. That helped, but it still feels like any time I want it to do something I’m subjecting it to a burden of distraction from whatever it would rather be doing.

I guess I’m a narcissist when it comes to computers. I want me, the user, to be the priority…