Way beyond ASCII art: Shaheer Zazai's Microsoft Word creations

While this is kind-of stretching the definition of retro computing, I went to Shaheer Zazai’s exhibit at the Aga Khan Museum this week, part of the Afghanistan My Love exhibit. It’s stunning.

Shaheer Zazai is an Afghan-Canadian artist who creates carpet-like patterns entirely in Microsoft Word using snippets of text and the highlighter tool. Here’s one of their daily patterns — these were created, screenshotted for documentation, then deleted as part of an ephemeral art series:

I posted another larger example here: Shaheer Zazai — NS4P7F2219 (made in Microsoft Word) | MLTSHP

(If anyone happens to be in Toronto and wants to see this, let me know. We have family membership to the Aga Khan Museum and can bring guests. It’s a wonderful place, and only about 15 minutes away from where I live.)


I’m reminded of ANSI art for the DOS console although most of what I find is representational rather than abstract, and some is NSFW. Still:

and previously
Sixteen Colors ANSI/ASCII Art Archive

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