Visual6502 Wiki recovered - beta

Hello all.

I’d like to present my recovered, Markdown-based version of the wiki. You can also start with the AllPages page or my personal favorite, the RCA 1802 reverse engineering page.

Back story: the wiki on the visual6502 site itself has been unreachable for several years as you can see. I downloaded the wiki (about 75 top-level pages) from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine and wrote a translator to render them as Markdown. Github Pages then renders them as a static website.

I had a little help from our esteemed Foremost Nerd Ed, who played a part of the original project. But all issues you may find (and the decision to do this at all) are my responsibility.

The wiki (although not the entire site) is Creative Commons licensed, and I’ve published the authorship information in order to keep to the license. This content will never be monetized as long as I’m alive.


That’s fantastic, many many thanks Jeff!

Are you seeking feedback on any differences or losses, or mis-formattings - and if so, would you like that here or perhaps on a github issue?

(There’s a lesson here for anyone who owns or cares for a wiki - take a markdown level backup. Reconstructing markdown from HTML is no picnic. Indeed, we’re lucky to have such a complete record on the Wayback Machine, which is helped by the fact that the wiki rapidly stabilised and was not a moving target.)

I’m not sure, but a search turned up this. (You might need to be logged in to the wiki in question for some of these; you might need to be an admin)

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Thanks Ed. Either one is fine–respond here or create an issue on Github if you prefer. I do want to (re-) emphasize two points:

  • The recovered site is not a wiki; changes have to committed to the repo.
  • The goal was content preservation; many convenient features of the wiki are missing.

Examples of the latter are as simple as multi-level lists such as the tables of contents (which I flattened) or as complex as “recent changes” pages (which are probably just broken links and may stay that way).

The most important future work I’m currently contemplating is to rewrite broken external links to point into the Wayback Machine where records of the original works still exist.