Video: Intel's 2113 RAM: Never Sell It, And Never Speak Of It Again

Here’s someone with an Intel PROMPT 48, a single board development system for the 8048. It’s an unusual machine that uses half-working Intel SRAMs, from a time when 4kbit SRAMs were new and exciting and very difficult to manufacture. The video is the story of those RAMs and retesting them today.

From the video description:

The 2113 is just a 2114 with bit failures on one half, but a fully functional on the other half. This chip was apparently never sold outside of intel and is used only in Intel’s PROMPT 48 and Intel’s iSBC 80/20 single board computer.

via stardot


There were similar goings on in later years with the early 64K parts where they got used in 32K machines with the bad half disabled. The issue 1/2 spectrums used them for example in the 32K expansion from the base 16K

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