Vic-20 Minigrafik and databases, commercial software

Some days ago, I wondered, how many small companies used a C64 or even a vic-20 for business applications.
There was some software from Commodore like FILE (VICFILE), WRITER, SIMPLICALC and MiniMemb. Also from MicroSpec VIC Data Manager, Vic Inventory, Payroll, Mini Jini etc.
On the forum sleepingelephant I found some discussion including cover images and links.

Very interesting is Minigrafik and Minipaint (8K/16k expansion) but there are viewers for unexpanded vic. MiniGrafik Batch Processing Suite consists of several utilities for assisting with creation and conversion of graphics on the Commodore VIC20. Some really amazing demos & slide shows included on the disk.

MINIGRAFIK batch processing suite - Denial

Theres also code (8 lines) for printing a Barnsley Fern fractal.

I don’t know about the VIC-20, as it’s a rather small machine, but here in the US many C64s were used for small or home businesses. I have purchased C64 software, disks, or ephemera from several estate or garage sales that included, in particular, obviously business-related spreadsheets. (I do not examine such files when I find them, on general principle, but they have had names like “CUSTOMER LIST” or “ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE” or similar.) Often by diskette count there are more game and freeware utility disks than business-related disks, in such situations. :wink:

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