VCF West 2023 - video and photos

Here’s a video - a minute or so in you’ll see a number of Mac Classics and then a number of S-100 machines (including the Vector 1 as seen on John Monahan’s S100 site)

Also in there, a Netronics ELF II, Apple I clones, a Colby Lap Mac, a BBC Micro Buggy… and a quick chat with Jeri Ellsworth. And PET Pix, a form of live video on a PET (with a Raspberry Pi hooked up as an peripheral).

Here’s a Flickr album, cued up at a table of Ultratec communications devices (possibly telephony for the Deaf?) You’ll also see a Lisa, several iBooks, a fully loaded Mac II:

Edit: the BBC Buggy chap is Steve Crozier, more turtles, micros, and info on his website
Steve Crozier Technology – Engineer by day, hacker/tinkerer by night…


PET Pix! Dang, I always wanted to see that in person :smiley: Sure, I’ll order a couple when they become available - try one on the MiniPET, have it do a staring contest with the original PET.

Great video, thanks.