Univac File Computer manuals

The scans at Index of /pdf/univac/fileComputer


More: Univac Solid State manuals

BTW, a quite old (and sadly unfinished) Univac I emulator:

(What’s missing, is of all things the output. Various transcodings are implemented, but then I ran out of time and the actual output instruction was never implemented properly. Also, this was made when browsers still showed each visual update separately. Nowadays, you may miss some of the blinken light action. To operate a simple test run,

  • click “insert test mem” at the very bottom and then
  • click the button “>> MEM” below the editor for the servo area.
  • Click “START”. If I recall this correctly, it performs a multiplication and then stalls.
  • Observe the “stall” light at the left.
  • (Click “master reset” at the bottom and repeat the procedure for another run.)

To actually inspect some memory contents, you’ve to resort to the browser console and type show(mem[a]), where “a” is the numeric memory address.)

P.S.: Everything concerning redundant circuitry has been omitted to fit an average screen display (when screens were usually smaller and pixels bigger, also CRTs.) Any disabled switches and lights are serving the same purpose of selecting between redundant busses and units and checking their respective results.