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a first step on the road thereto. (Variation on the Simulation Hypothesis:
our entire universe is software running on some child-god’s video-game hack.

I Made a 32-bit Computer Inside Terraria - YouTube

I Made a 32-bit Computer Inside Terraria
From Scratch
Jun 24, 2023

I document my journey implementing Computerraria: a 32 bit CPU running
inside the game Terraria. I’ve been working on this for over 6 months now
and thought it’s cool enough that other’s might be interested in learning
about it. Absolutely everything I talk about here is completely open source
and freely available in these public repositories:

Computerraria (World file and support software): GitHub - misprit7/computerraria: A fully compliant RISC-V computer made inside the game Terraria
WireHead (Accelerator mod): GitHub - misprit7/WireHead: A Terrarria mod that reimplements the wiring system more efficiently

(I am not “From Scratch”, in case anybody was wondering. )


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I quite like machines built inside physics engines (I’m thinking Minecraft, mostly) - it’s unintended, but it says something about universality, and of course the systems implemented this way tend to be simple - simple enough for one person to understand - which gives them a kind of retro feel. (Edit: but RISC-V isn’t quite the best example of a simple retro architecture…)

Edit: see the scale of the implementation about 9 mins into the video:

I’m reminded of visualARM - the ARM1 layout, simulated at transistor level, in your browser.