Two Stop Bits - a retrocomputing news aggregator and discussion space

This could be interesting, but hopefully doesn’t draw anyone away from discussing their findings here!

If you do find items of interest, please share them here with your thoughtful thoughts…

(It’s using a modified version of he code behind Hacker News, so it looks rather like that. Via.)

Edit: seems quite slow, quite probably it’s seeing a massive spike of traffic because it’s recently announced.


It’s on top of the HN front page, so, if it survives this, it’s not that bad…

One reason I started this forum and chose the software we have here is that I wanted it to be easy to post photos and videos in the posts and also in the comments. I like the possibility of markup too, although it’s perhaps relatively rarely used here. Quoted text and verbatim text are used quite often, I suppose. Rarely a numbered list!

Maybe not everyone realises this, but it’s possible to copy and paste an image into the compose box here. Maybe even possible to drag and drop.

And a link on a line of its own will often put in a one-box with picture, title and snippet.

(All that said I do like the text-only aesthetic of HN.)

Edit: while I’m making meta-comments on presentation, hopefully everyone knows that this forum has both a plain theme and a fancy theme - check your preferences. The fancy one looks like this - it has snippets and often an image:


At least I didn’t know that!

BTW, I found out why I am seeing broken image icons for a few images: These are directly linked images (as opposed to uploaded ones), which originate at plain http sites – while I am using Firefox in https-only mode. (If anyone should experience this, as well: a click on such an image brings up the familiar non-https warning dialog in a new tab, which in consequence reveals the image.)

I see Two Stop Bits is a bit of a firehose… so one might instead visit
Two Stop Bits | Top Links
Two Stop Bits | Best Comments
or if you want to view it as a popularity contest
Two Stop Bits | Leaders

There’s also an RSS feed, as there should be.

(One might wonder if half a stop bit is enough - sometimes it is!)