TMS7000 based microcomputers or game consoles

Someone mentioned the Exelvision EXL100 in another thread and I think it is the first TMS7000 series microcomputer or game console I’ve ever seen. I think it might be unique. Are there others based on TMS7000 series CPUs?

TMS7000 can be anywhere on the spectrum from single chip controller to full blown microprocessor and stages in between. I think it was really popular as an embedded MCU but not so much as a microprocessor.

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TI released the CC-40 and TI-74 calculator based on the TMS7000 architecture. An other device is the TMS7000 EVM, a simple TI development platform/ICE (Yet another computer museum - TMS7000 - Texas Instruments 8-bits Microprocessor/Microcontroller line).
Currently I am trying to make a single (dual actually) board computer based on the TMS70C02. Some more info in this VCF thread: TMS7000 development systems | Vintage Computer Federation Forums.

Fred Jan