The PCW word processors from Amstrad

Following on a mention of 3 inch floppies in the Introduce yourself thread

Oh a great machine - and with Logo, Basic, and CP/M, who needs more?! The PCWs were word-processors++.

This photo from a trip to see Jim Austin’s collection:

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Agree ! it’s one of the most unique and interesting Z80/Cp-m machines - as it has graphical mode and simply looks cool on a table) I hope to aquire one soon on Ebay from Britain)


I was always thinking this, too. It was rather late in the Z80’s lifecycle, therefore not of any particular technical fame, but it’s a nice machine with great looks. (If you find two of them at a bargain price, let me know :wink: ) Mind that they were also sold under the Schneider brand, but you probably know this already.

Amstrad were pretty good at making solid unexciting machines at a good price - not making leading-edge technology and also not cutting costs too far - the CPC is nice as a games machine and the PCW as a CP/M machine. I do have a PCW9512 - it was my Dad’s, and his first computer, and he was pretty much the target market. It was bought as an appliance, and it was very usable. This photo is from a trip to TNMoC: