The History of OS/2

Found on HN: “The History of OS/2”, a series of articles by Michal Necasek originally hosted on the now defunced (, mirrored on Rob Landley’s homepage. (Be sure to have a look at the local mirror index.)

I’ve only had a look at the first article on the beginnings, yet, but it’s certainly an entertaining write-up.

(Image: Michal Necasek/Rob Landley.)


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I used an ESP automotive emissions analyzer at work to inspect and certify many thousands of California cars and light trucks for their registration renewals. It had been installed in 1997, and I used it until it was replaced in 2017. It ran OS/2 Warp.

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I very nearly bought a PC with OS/2 Warp pre-installed - it might even be that it would have been my first PC. But it came without installation media and that scared me off. This was in the brief window that the German PC outfit Escom opened stores in UK high streets (which was before they bought the Commodore and Amiga brands.)

In February 1995, Escom’s retail presence on the high streets of the United Kingdom suddenly expanded massively, when it took over many branches of the Rumbelows electrical chain, which were being sold off by Rumbelows owner Thorn EMI.

Back to topic though, I found this originally from 2013: