The Glitch Works - a retro blog and project archive

The Glitch Works looks like a good place to explore - if you find anything which especially piques your interest please leave a note!

Found via a project in their github repos as announced on the 6502 forums:

Today, we’re releasing our work on dumping some original Rockwell RSC-FORTH ROMs:

I understand a number of folks here have been interested in getting these ROM images online for a while ! :grinning: We’ve also done patches to make RSC-FORTH compatible with our Glitch Works R6501Q/R6511Q single-board computer. TangentDelta put together a ROMFS image and updater for that:


Glitch is active with VCF, as well, and is happy to help out with projects/restorations/etc. if he can. He also has an Etsy store (linked from his site) where he sells a lot of retrocomputing stuff for pretty fair prices (I’ve bought floppy disks from him and been very happy).


I wonder if these are the same as I uploaded in 2018 to here: