The first microcomputer: The transfluxor-powered Arma Micro Computer from 1962

" What would you say is the first microcomputer?1 The Apple I from 1976? The Altair 8800 from 1974? Perhaps the lesser-known Micral N (1973) or Q1 (1972)? How about the Arma Micro Computer from way back in 1962. The Arma Micro Computer was a compact 20-pound transistorized computer, designed for applications in space such as inertial or celestial navigation, steering, radar, or engine control."


Oh, it’s Ken Shirriff - should be a good read!

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I like the first note after the article:

I should mention the danger of “firsts” from a historical perspective. Historian Michael Williams advised “not to use the word ‘first’” and said, “If you add enough adjectives to a description you can always claim your own favorite.”

I think that could be applied to so much that we see or read about the history of technology. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is the first time I heard that, on this forum, from that author, about “firsts”,… :grin: