The Amstrad CPC 472, an unusual case

The unusual case of the Amstrad CPC 472, basically a CPC 464 with additional (nonfunctional) 8 KB RAM to ‘workaround’ a Spanish Tariff that applied to Microcomputers with up to 64 KB of RAM.

The Amstrad CPC 472 is an 8-bit Microcomputer of the Amstrad brand, belonging to the classic range of CPC ( Colour Personal Computer ) and sold exclusively in Spain between 1985 and 1986. It is a personal computer almost identical to its predecessor, the CPC 464.

At the sight, it is only distinguished by the screen printing of the case, where the «64» is replaced by a «72», however, it has a particularity that makes it special: those extra 8 KB of RAM that indicates its name and that are accompanied by a hilarious and sometimes even crazy story. A succession of anecdotes, occurrences and arguing that will delight the most curious by the history of microinformatics.