Spiras-65 Mini computer with Nixie tubes

Searching for the Naked Milli from Computer Automation Inc., I found this Mini computer history site with some interesting photos including a Spiras-65 from 1969 (but mainly DEC computers, Interdata and the Kitchen computer).

16 bits. Octal keypad. There was even a 360-Simulator software for that.
I think this is not the complete computer but part of a cabinet set as shown in the brochure.

The Minicomputer

Loving the look and design of that.

The Spiras 65 mini computer was developed in 1969 by Spiras Systems, Waltham, MA. The feature which distinguished it from the competitive products was floating point arithmetic FADD, FSUB, FMUL, & FDIV implemented in core rope memory which allowed much faster computation than competitive products which utilized software subroutines. Several universities utilized the computer in real time applications where fast execution was required.