Spectrum Analyser: tool to reverse engineer ZX Spectrum games & programs


Spectrum Analyser is a tool that is designed to help reverse engineer ZX Spectrum games & programs.

It is a combination of an emulator, debugger & interactive disassembler. Programs are loaded and run in the emulator and their state can be inspected using the tools provided.

These tools include:

  • Disassembler
  • Debugger
  • Graphics viewer
  • Frame trace
  • Memory diff
  • IO analyser

Via Hacker News [ Spectrum Analyser, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum reverse engineering tool | Hacker News ]


Wow - a very high resolution desktop running that tool!

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True, but it looks brilliant! I wish I had something like that back in the days! :grin:


Have a dozen or so Spectrum games programming booklets (can list booklet titles if interested), all different but of that era and might interest rebuilders or demonstrate algorithm principles for a youngster. Can deliver local area (West - Mid Wales, otherwise postage as appropriate.