Speak&SID CPC Project

Interesting project for the Amstrad CPC


Speak&SID CPC is a low cost SpeakJet-based speech synthesizer for the Amstrad CPC, a SID soundcard, and a multi purpose IO expansion featuring a Serial Interface (UART), 4 GPIOs, I2C, and SPI. It is also a MIDI IN Realtime SID+AY Synthesizer for the CPC. It emulates the Amstrad SSA-1 speech synthesizer. A SID Player exists. For the SID, the Speak&SID can utilize the original 6581 (requires external 12 V), the 8580 (requires external 9 V), as well as SwinSID and ARMSID (which do not require the extra PSU, but will be powered by the CPC with the rest of the board instead). The firmware is open source on Github.