Some BBSes you can reach by telnet

Paradroyd posts over on Mastodon:

Particles BBS is one of my main ones:


A few others…

  • Level29:
  • Cottonwood BBS:
  • Dark Force BBS:
  • The Basement BBS:
  • Heatwave BBS:
  • Mad World BBS:

Those are the main ones I call regularly. Others come and go.

See also the ‘bbsing’ hashtag on mastodon.

Ref a previous thread:


The guy who writes and maintains Citadel now as a BBS and as a desktop Groupware program still runs his BBS. He was part of the Citadel network back in the 80s when I ran my BBS.

You can Telnet to, or SSH to [email protected].

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