Smalltalk Zoo (CHM)

The Computer History Museum (CHM) has announced their cooperation with Dan Ingalls on preserving Smalltalk via the “Smalltalk Zoo”. Smalltalk Zoo is a web-based emulation environment hosted by the CHM and running various versions of Smalltalk, from Smalltalk 72 to Squeak, in the web browser.

CHM Blog announcement:

Smalltalk Zoo:

In allusion to a famous computer history quote: Now what’s your excuse? :wink:

*) Regarding the quote compare The Origin of Spacewar, section “First Steps”.


This is something that has been 20 years in the making, every since Dan Ingalls was able to get a Smalltalk-72 emulation working in Squeak for one of Alan Kay’s birthday. Later his Javascript based Lively Kernel eventually made practical the development of Vanessa Freudenberg’s SqueakJS, on which this Zoo is built.