Siemens R30, R10 and BAPAS-DB database 1984

I found this interesting control panel in a suitcase of a Siemens R30 process computer. I haven’t found any other photos of the complete system.

I haven’t identified all the labeling. But nice switches and LEDs.

I also found this PDF showing that 14 of these computers (including R10) and 20 terminals were used in the 1984 new built Daimler Benz car factory in Bremen, Germany (producing Mercedes 190) running PEARL OS and the real-time SQL database BAPAS-DB (DB obviously stands for Daimler Benz). BAPAS-DB was a collaboration of Werum, Siemens and the Fraunhofer Institut. One of the most powerful database systems with short access time and 24/7 stability. One of the R30 is for monitoring.

Some info and illustrations mainly German with summaries in English (page 50pp)

Interesting! In 1984 I was in Bremen at Krupp Atlas Elektronik and programmed an application for their EPR 1500 process computer. The fact that Daimler used process computers from Siemens at this location was probably because Daimler’s headquarters are in Stuttgart. By the way, PEARL (which I used at the time) is not an operating system, but a real-time programming language that is often confused with Perl.

This isn’t the actual computer but only a binary input/output box. It’s original name is “Wartungsfeld”. Don’t know any correct english name for it.
I worked on these computer (R10, R20 R30) systems in the eigthies. They didn’t fit in this small box.
Some of them, the R10 series, had no Wartungsfeld, so you could connect one. The large ones like the R30 had these boxes integrated in their frontpanel. R30-systems were large rackbased systems.
These computers were used as processcomputers in the industry and had digital in- and outputs, diskunits, tapedrives. Main use was realtime control for rolling mills, production lines, high bay warehouses.
These systems became obsolete with the introduction of the PLC.



I worked on R30 too in 80’s
I have some pictures of the whole system wit 4 R30, disks and tape.
Let me know, if you like to see



Yes, sure. Please show us!

Pictures taken in Shlobin, Belarus, BMZ in 1988.
4 Siemens R30 Systems

I fond some more informations inclusive documentation in german


Thanks very much!
I wasn’t aware that R10-R40 (next to 310+330) were just the CPU units and the system is in fact Siemens Systeme 300. (Later turned into SICOMP-M).

The embedded control panel at the CPU cabinet might resemble that in the suitcase.

There was also Sytem 3003 I never heard of. More famous was the 4004.

About the System 300 there’s probably some more info next to the brochures. I found this site

including description (English/German) of that panel/ Wartungsfeld / suitcase

I even have 2 books about the programming and have to re-read them.

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