Searching For Windows NT Drivers for AlphaServer DS10

Hi, i have one AlphaServer DS10 and i am trying since some time ago to install Windows NT on it but when i try to install it asks for a floppy with some necessary drivers that i dont have. Do anyone know where can i find one of those drivers archived?

Thanks for All

Have you asked on the VCF forums? Perhaps also the classiccmp lists?

i looked at VCF forums to see if there were a post about that but i found nothing, thats why i published this here, i would try on Classiccmp but i think maybe my mailbox will be oversaturated by that…

If you can provide a screenshot, or more information on which drivers it’s asking for, I can search my NT-Alpha software archive for it and see what I have.

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This is what it says:

It tells me to select the family of Apha machine i am using or to select Others and insert a floppy with the drivers, in my case the DS10 is not any of those machines and i do not have the driver floppy so im stuck in there.

On a German forum there is the same or similar problem and it says that there are also (unsolved) issues elsewhere. There are some files (I think you have to be a member for download). But you would also need a foreign driver.

You can wait (for Jaruzel), but I don’t have much hope.
Maybe you should install another OS like Linux and use Wine.
I later found this iso

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