SCAMP at 50 years

SCAMP: A Review 50 Years Later — voidstar

Had a fascinating opportunity to explore SCAMP, the prototype to the IBM 5100 !


Very nice. Thanks for the pointer to the extra detail in your VCF thread.

Hope you don’t mind me pasting one of your images, the minimal front panel:

We should perhaps also link to your earlier thread with your presentation:
IBM 5100 discussion at VCF SW 2023

And an earlier thread on your explorations:
All about the IBM 5100 from 1975 (also IBM 5106 and IBM 5110)


Thanks, perfect consolidation there!

I had hoped to speak more about it at VCF in September, but the info came a little late for me to get prepared and booked in time. But still wanted to get the info out there during this anniversary year.

I’m off and on between travel, but do plan to have another batch of updates within the next week as I organize the remainder of pages.

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Very nice article – thank you!

Update #1: I’m about halfway through summarizing some of Joe’s notebook notes (years '72 and '73). There is a link halfway down in the page mentioned earlier.
or here
NOTE: I’ve separated out Joe’s diagram/schematic work and all-other-discussion related notes. There are so many diagrams, I think they deserve their own summary.

The full set of PDFs has been sorted and cropped down to more digestible format. Includes some of Paul’s and others letters and notes:
voidstar78/SCAMP: Special Computer APL Machine Portable Archive Material (

Lots of great insights! Have to work on some other things - might be awhile before the next update (that would cover '74 - '75 and more of Paul’s program-management type notes)