S100 bus computer boards

Is anybody interested in S100 boards, mainly godbout and comcen, later viacom

To buy sell or just to use S100 in general?

I have a Northstar Horizon S100 system and used them in the field back in the early 80s although I’ve not fired it up for some time now…



Ps. Welcome, etc.!

I have a lot of them I don’t really want to send them for scrap so anybody is welcome. I’m in the UK.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sort of policy or guideline for selling stuff here - I have seen a few S100 boards on ebay though. I could do with a 64K RAM card for the old N* as it only has 48KB… Maybe create a concise list and invite private replies?

Gordon (also in the UK)

I was not my intention to sell on this forum, just see if there was an interest. I’ll check out the ram boards. Should include static and dynamic up to 1 Meg.

The memory boards are 256k static, with extended addressing and/or pageing. They would not be compatible with the N* bus, as they are wired for a 5V dc bus supply.

There is a very active S100 Google group, found here: https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/s100computers. You’ll have to join before you can read or post.


You are correct. Generally, we don’t want to turn this into a market place and are highly skeptical about any promotional posts in general. I guess, it’s fine, if members want to PM one another about exchanging any free stuff. At least, it’s a noble endeavor to save parts and/or computers from scrap.

However, we’d probably needed a dedicated section for such posts – and it’s really not what this community should be about (as indicated by the lack of such a section).

Rob’s (@codesmythe ) hint at the S100 Google group is surely something to consider.

When I posted if anybody was interested, I had no intention of selling. As I posted I did not want to send them for scrap. Some of the boards were donated by Bill Godbout. There were 4 working s100 systems with running CP\M software.

A brief post in the US resulted in immediate response and 3 systems have been collected by UPS for export.

My intention was not turn retrocomputiong in to an retro ebay. By the way the google group is useless, just try waking them, there is better support available on US web sites.

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No offense. I just wanted to confirm the “policy” mentioned. As also mentioned, I think, it’s a noble effort trying to find a new home for these boards (and giving them away), rather than throwing them away. Great that you took the burden on you to manage this, instead of opting for the easier route (as in scraping them unceremoniously.)

Generally speaking, any such announcements should state that it is about a giveaway and any follow-ups should better be kept private.