ROM set from boat with unknown contents for viewing pleasure

By coincidence I found a ROM set here (can be downloaded without registration). He posted them for “viewing pleasure”.

2 ROMs containing readable parts in ASCII.
3 ROMs titled “random” containing unknown contents. One suggests that it could be a different codepage.

Interesting patterns are also in the ROM called shootfile.
Some parts reads in ASCII

Copyright 1998 T-NETIX, Inc.
Type in comments here that you would like to embed into the shootfile on the card. These comments can be anything you like, but MUSTappear only at the very end of the file.

random2.rom has parts including this
-------------TS NEFC SEALD-------------epneRcie!
FrDvc d% Sd Sd 2s:%l %l 2s:%x 8 2s:%l 2s:%x

Some other parts (especially beginning and end) looking different, probably data.
RO ERR could be ROM ERROR.
13579 could suggest that parts are missing and scrambled.
Often there are uppercase characters in the middle or end.

Another ROM set of 6x IM6654 ROMs is here including photo of the device, I first thought it’s octal but It’s for an RCA1802. Interesting is the numbering. 0 2 4 6 8 A. Is this complete? Are they paired and how? Where is 1? I have one single 6654 in my Festo device.

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random2.rom looks like half of a 16-bit bus, i.e. every second byte is missing (ie there’s a second rom to be found.)
For example, epneRcie! when expanded to .e.p.n.e.R.c.i.e.! might match “Response Received!”

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Thanks! I haven’t found another ROMs.

I found a nice control panel of another 1990s boat controller.

Norcontrol DGU 8800
I also read the manual. Very interesting what data is collected.
There are analog and digital inputs.
There’s also a nice clip on YouTube showing the inside. Including a DIL 48 Dual-port RAM IDT7130