Retro Computing after Reddit - where to go? (Here!)

Users of Reddit might have noticed some upset over there, and some are looking for new and alternative places. Over on the Fediverse Trevor Flowers recommended a couple - one being here (thanks!), and another being a lemmy instance…

Many other ideas in a previous topic: Retro Computing after Gplus - where to go?


I dont know where things go, but using Mastodon is an excercise in self harm.

I found Mastodon moderately rewarding for a while, then it got much more busy (after a Twitter thing happened) and I started to fade away from it. What I didn’t do was pick a retrocomputing-flavoured instance and use the local timeline - but that’s an approach. There are facilities for filtering which might have helped my perceived signal-to-noise, but I never really tried it. I think the Mastodon experience very much depends on how you use it and in particular who you follow.

Yeah, the fediverse in general and specifically Mastodon takes a different kind of effort than centralized social media. I’m pretty happy with it now but it takes work to get started and work to keep it going. So, it’s not for everyone.