Remote COBOL call

I am new to VMS. The question I have is how to call a COBOL program running on VMS from outside, say some Java application running on Linux. Can anyone give me a pointer where to look?

You will need to use the JNI (JAVA NATIVE INTERFACE)

I’ve done it with C, it is absolutely doable with COBOL

You need to understand that VMS uses descriptors .

I’d start with the VMS programming concepts manual, plus the JNI documentation for the version of JAVA you are using.

I’m currently running the X86 port of VMS and am doing everything in C (still sorting out the debugger)

Once I get this sorted out, I will be using some multithreaded processes to feed data to Python Apps running outside VMS…

if your VMS environment has working networking, why not just a simple call to ssh? e.g. system(“ssh user@vax run cobolprg”) or similar.