Question: how many CRTs?

I was surprised to realise how many CRTs are in my (smallish) retro room. It turns out to be 8. No, 9, I missed one. And there’s another in the house too, a thing out of place. And only one of these does colour.

I’m sure each one has a story, which I might tell, but meantime: how about you? Let’s hear!


Just 2 now.

One, orange phosphor, is connected to my Apple //e setup.

The other is part of a Wyse-60 serial terminal. (Which still works, see video of it connected to my ‘retro’ 65816 system here:

The other CRT in the photo above died a few years ago and I couldn’t resurrect it, so it went…



Ps. Technically the CRT in my old Tek. 'scope counts too, so that’s 3!


Oh yes, 'scopes certainly count, if they have a CRT! (I’ve counted one.)

I have two. One CRT television, with scart and composit input. The great thing about it, is that it accepts RGB signal through scart. Only a 14 inch stereo, yet for C64 and Amiga it is great.

Then I have an old Unisys EGA monitor, that I can use for my old 286 computer.

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  • Three composite monitors (one color, two green)
  • Osborne 1
  • Mac SE/30
  • One VT-100, two VT-105s
  • Televideo 910
  • Two Tek 4010-1, two 4012
  • Six? Seven? Oscilloscopes
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Logic analyzer
  • Three HF station monitors
  • One tuning 'scope on a CE 200-V transmitter

It seems highly likely I’m missing some. :wink: What is that, 25? Here are two interesting examples:

(HP 1630G Logic Analyzer looking at timings for a pulse generator input and 4-phase output of a TIM 9904)

(Tektronix 4010-1 displaying a Tek logo demo drawing)

Interestingly, it just occurred to me that only one of the listed CRTs does color in my house, as well (an Apple Color Composite Monitor for a //c)! In fact, all of them but the three VT-10x terminals are green phosphor. However, in the meantime I remembered that there is also a regular old boring late 90s small color television.


I remember Back In The Day, a company selling an Amber monitor replacement for the original Macintosh.

Mind, this was back when folks were selling head mounted mice as well.

I thought “I’ve only got one, and it takes a lot of space in the office and I have to decide what to do with it”. But wait… I have two, or maybe three DEC terminals, a Nokia terminal, an oscilloscope, and in the garage there’s an IBM monitor (and a workstation) that I planned to get rid of, and I now found an HP 4951C Protocol Analyzer that I didn’t know I had, it’s got a small 5" CRT (looks useful, glad I found it). I may have more.


They breed, they hide, and they lie in wait.

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Before I moved, I had several. But all, save for a single Apple branded green screen monitor (I THINK it might be from a ///), I e-wasted everything. Spare VGA monitors, one of those rotating Radius monitors for an old mac, couple of old macs (8100, another LC3 I think).

My NeXTStation, with it’s gray scale monitor, went to my friend, along with PowerBook 520c.

It’s amazing how much you rethink your passion when you have to haul it all upstairs in to an attic, or stuff it in to a truck to be moved. I know several boxes of books staring at me with innocent eyes at the bottom of the attic ladder that didn’t make the cut.

I also have an oscilloscope that I’ve never used, salvaged from a storage locker when we moved the office, that I decided I could not part with.

So I guess my count is 2.