Public Access Multics

If you ever longed for a true Multics experience, is for you. It’s a free, public access installation of Multics, accessible via web browser, SSH or telnet and doesn’t require any login or subscription.

Bask in the glory of classic Multics ALM, APL, BASIC, BCPL, C, COBOL, EXEC_COM, FORTRAN, MacLisp, MIX, Pascal, PL/I, and RDC programming languages and the Emacs, TECO, QEDX, Ted, and EDM text editors. Play games. Exchange messages, email, and participate in Multics Forum meetings. Experience real timesharing — as a public utility.

Multics, the Multiplexed Information and Computing Service, is the quintessential interactive time-sharing mainframe operating system. Multics began in 1965 as a pioneering research project, a joint effort of the best and brightest minds in academia, government, and industry.

Multics was the Project Apollo of operating system development.

However, as it’s currently featured on HN, the service seems to be overwhelmed and doesn’t accept any connections as of writing this.


P.S., from a HN comment regarding graphical terminals, see for setting the terminal type and invoking any “video_info” sections.