PiGP-30, a Raspberry Pi base LGP-30 emulator


After some discussion with Oscar, the creator of the PiDP-8 and PiDP-11, I decided to try my hand at creating a functioning LGP-30 emulator along the same lines.

Some preliminary information about this emulator is available at https://curuvar.com/pigp30

I am planning on making this available in kit form (or perhaps as an assembled unit) and would be interested in gauging the desire for such a kit.


But will it run Mels Blackjack program?



It does run the BlackJack program.

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For those not so familiar with the LGP-30, I once wrote a blog post in the honor of it:

This looks pretty cool. I sent in a tip about this to Hack-A-Day, I hope that it is OK.

Very interesting! I think I found it before, but never realized that there’s the Key 1 missing and using a lowercase L instead. Great idea.