PERSEUS-9 homemade dual 6502 portable

An amazing looking successor to the PERSEUS-8 desktop computer, which we had previously, this rugged wire-wrapped portable comes with two 6502 CPUs, a die-cast aluminum case, 40 x 7 LED character display, and features an integrated serial terminal.


Via HN:


HN offers this video linked from within the hackaday page:


That’s a very industrial case for it all!

Very retro in looks and function too…


That display must have cost a small fortune!

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There’s another article featuring this computer, with a real world application:

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Coming back to this, my curiosity was aroused, so I investigated the display. It’s made up of several HCMS-2972 modules; Each 8 characters of a 5x7 LED matrix. They are driven via a serial interface - effectively a write-only SPI with clock and data signals and the can be daisy-chained to form what’s effectively a huge shift-register.

So updating the display effectively means sending the whole thing for every single update, character move, scroll, etc. Not too bad if you have a fast shift and clock mechanism.

You can buy then today - they’re about £34.42 from Mouser (UK) for the 8x1 module.

So… The 40 characters x 7 lines needs 35 units, or about £1,225 worth of display modules.

So yes, a small fortune indeed.

Nice though…




Yes, back when those displays were released (in my youth, last century sometime) they weren’t cheap, and time hasn’t done much to reduce their price (given they’re a specialty/novelty item, that’s probably understandable).