Password guidelines?

Instead of your password system rejecting my choices, over and over, why don’t you provide guidelines? For instance, instead of telling me it’s “too short,” why doesn’t it say how many characters it requires?

I’m sorry that it’s not clear. We didn’t write the forum software, it’s an open source forum package called Discourse.

A quick search for the discourse defaults suggests it’s ten characters for non-administrator users.


It actually does, maybe your browser has a problem?

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So why do I need that? It is my password, I just can’t use ‘me’ or ‘I’.
I tend to be lazy and just rely on the saving of passwords from my browser.
What is with sign in with Google now days. Do you get paid for using that service?

As Ethan says, this site runs standard issue open source software with a minimum of configuration changes. The idea is to have enjoyable and interesting conversations about retrocomputing and computer history, with a minimum of administrative overhead. I like to think it works quite well.

Obviously I’d prefer not to have, for example, accessibility problems, or compatibility problems.

But I don’t think Site Feedback is the place for general commentary on the state of the world, or discussion on choices made by the designers and implementers of the forum software. Otherwise, of course, happy to help with any difficulties in using the site, if possible.


It’s still a shared place, meaning, if your account is compromised, we all suffer from the place being spammed to oblivion via this vector.
But, as has been observed already, this is just a piece of standard software, meant to provide a public place to our convenience. While we may not like every decision made with the basic design or some particular choice, I think, it’s still one of the best ready-made systems available.

To be clear, no, we do not. We have no affiliation with Google or with any other service. We do not display ads, we do not collect affiliate links, we do not knowingly give your information or any particular site information to any third-party service. (The forum is, of course, readable by anyone with a web browser – or scraper – who wishes to read it, however.)

We attempt to be responsible, fair, and honest stewards of your data. I can affirm that @EdS, as administrator, and myself and @NoLand, as moderators, take this very seriously. We ourselves do not wish to be commoditized, and of course we do not wish for you to be, either.

Personally speaking, if any changes were made to the forum to abuse personal information, I would squawk loudly. I cannot see this being a problem, however, given the integrity and responsibility of our administrator, @EdS.


That’s a widget that usually comes with web applications to help users to quickly make an account and login with it fast. Someone thought it’s a good idea to implicate it since a lot of people use google like a passport. It’s a tool that benefits google in the first place, since using it will reveal to them your habbits of logging in some places and they’ll probably use that in their ad-targeting strategy, and yourself, since you will quickly login this way.

It’s not related with this community administrators directly, since they are using an off-the-shelf web application that happens to have that in.

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Mine didn’t seem to be showing that, and it wouldn’t let me repeat the short version, and when in desperation now I tried a third or fourth one, it wouldn’t let me because it said it already had that as my password. This is more hassles than most, and I tend to think worrying about passwords on a chat forum is a non-issue. Frustrating.