One Man Unix: Vintage Single process Unix-like for the 6809

Here’s a very interesting mirror of a 1999 article (via a FB post) on a hobbyist’s pursuit of a Unix-like environment in the microprocessor world of the early '80s.

It looks like the original article is lost to time, but there’s a small photo of his SBC and a description of the single-tasking system that he built with the help of access to a University’s Unix V6 source license.


Good find

It actually echos what I’m doing myself, although with a 32-bit BCPL system running on a 65x816 CPU.



That is what I would like to do if I had a C compiler. OS/9 (microware) was the unix
replacement at that time, Microware OS-9/6809 - Retrocomputing


Dr Hosgood was a co-worker when I was at I²IT, and 3COM. He sadly died young.

The tarballs of most of the original 6809 version and the later 68000 version (which was actually a practical running system and used for real work in research in Swansea University Electrical Engineering) are mirrored on my github for the curious.

He was one of a kind - programmer, designer and builder of electronics, he hacked tvs, and did all this whilst being a martial arts instructor, Esperanto speaker, rebuilding a T90 motorcycle and reverse engineering the old Gemstar videoplus coding plus a few other things.


It’s always wonderful to find a personal connection. I am sorry to hear of your loss, and that the community has lost him, as it sounds like he was a gem. I am glad, however, to see that his software lives on!

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