My talk on Cray-3 @ Vintage Computing Festival Berliln 2019

Hi folks!

Last weekend, October 12/13 2019, another Vintage Computing Festival took place in Berlin. I had a talk there on the history of the Cray-3 and what happend afterwards. It’s the fifth and last part of a sequel on work and life of Seymour Cray. The same talk I gave at Vintage Computer Festival Europe in spring 2019 in Munich already.

In Berlin, they have a very good video crew, which works on a professional level, although all volunteers. You will find the video recording of my talk here, it’s in German language, though (including light Bavarian accent and fast talking due to time constraints). The slide deck is here. For those of you, who can’t understand German, I at least translated the slide deck. You’ll find the English version here.

And yes, I still have the plan to produce webinar style video recordings of all five parts in English. It’s “just” a matter of time. And since my spoken English isn’t that fluid (due to lack of training), I need some preparation first, to deliver some decent result :grinning:

For next years season, I already started research on the development of the ETA-10 Supercomputer, which was a failing spinoff by Control Data Corporation in the 1980ies. It happens, that at we have somebody in the team, who was part of the ETA-10 development team for a short period of time. So I will interview him and have already got some internal documentation, including a technical sales presentation. On “real” slides, no Powerpoint :laughing:



Thanks for sharing, and for the English version of the slides. Don’t worry about your fluency - just keep doing more webinars in English and it’s sure to come!

Some of the linked materials from the slide deck:

Documents on bitsavers:

Gordon Bell’s slideshow “A Seymour Cray Perspective”:

The Computer History Museum’s oral history of Les Davis:

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