My ATX-64 build

Only missing a few parts. Need to order more. However this is as far as I have come.

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(Just for context, this is a C64 clone/rebuild in an ATX form factor.)

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Only missing the cartridge connector. Everything else is done and tested with a multimeter. Then powered on, voltages were fine. Logic chips inserted and powered on again. Everything is in perfect order. Just missing to have that 28c256 eeprom flashed with all three roms combined into one BIN. And I have missing chips on my way. I chose 6569R5 VIC-II and 8500 CPU. The SID is a replica that goes by the name of ARMSID.

The board lives… I had it running with DeadTest and everything runs through. Yet I have not bought an eeprom programmer yet, so I can not program the 3-in-1 28c256 ROM chip and therefor I have not loaded anything from any storage at all.

I had some issues with the picture quality. I originally planned to use an 6569r5 VIC-II in this board, however that makes some artifacts. I was not able to remove them with the onboard Lumafix, use an Lumafix between the VIC-II and the board it self plus disable the composit output by removing the jumper.

However using an 8565r2 from week 50 in 1987 and enabling the onboard Lumafix plus keeping the composit output disabled, gave a near perfect image quality. There are no artifacts at all, not even that red/green coloured artifacting. The quality reminds me of emulator quality, yet maintains the analog feel to it.

I have it hooked up to my Retrotink 2x Mini, using a RetroComputerShack DIN to S-Video cable. And once I can afford that TL866II-Plus programmer, then I can finally program the chip that I bought for it. I have combined the 3 ROM files into one, and it is modded to different colours and I have customized the text on the power on message as well.

I never ever thought that this would work at all. And I am surprised by my skill’s, as I have no real experience in soldering. This is the second big project that I have done, except for the variable power supply that I build in 1991 or something like that, when I was in 8’th grade in primaery school.

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And now in it’s new home…