Module Tracker Music: What, How and Why - Interviews with Purple Motion, Skaven (Future Crew), TDK, cTrix and Jim Leonard in Back to the BBS pt. 7

Tracker music fans, rejoice! Future Crew’s Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion) and Peter Hajba (Skaven), as well as Mark Knight (TDK), Chris Mylrae (cTrix) and Jim Leonard (Mobygamer/Trixter) appear in this episode of the documentary series “Back to the BBS”, now on YouTube: Back to the BBS - Part 7: The Music Tracker Scene - YouTube This episode is a tour de force of how tracker music was made, how the demoscene adopted the format as well as fame and fortune with the games industry.


Related: Retro Jungle Production With Pete Cannon - YouTube - using an Amiga and OctaMED. Also: Atari ST, Cubase 2, Akai sampler Jungle track - N4 Records Pete Cannon - YouTube


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yay! I worked with Mark Knight in Codemasters a while ago!

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Ah, excellent, I was looking for that and couldn’t find it! Didn’t think it might have been from MeFi. And the second one is a nice bonus, thanks.

I do remember OctaMED being free on a cover disk, and that was quite a welcome surprise. (Not that I ever used it, but it was such a cool thing!)

I think I can take a tiny bit of credit for getting that OctaMED cover disk out there. When I was writing Amiga “PD Software” columns (it was a simpler time …), Ray Burt-Frost of AmigaNuts put me in touch with Teijo Kinunnen, the author of MED and later, OctaMED. Even though only the OctaMED mod player would run on my A500 (something something chip memory something), it was an amazing development, so I did my best to get the OctaMED demo on an Amiga Computing coverdisk.


Legend! I’m pretty sure a lot of people would have been lost back in those days without cover disks. I know I relied on them heavily until I found BBSes!

He was a lovely, fun guy; great to interview him.