Miniature 1959 IBM 1401 Console handmade polystyrene scratch build!

This is so cute!! I want to see this so badly.


We need someone like Tamiya to come up with a range of classic computer kits.
(I haven’t done any plastic modelling since I was a teen, but I would build them all!)

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That’s a beautiful idea!

All I can find is this

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I was just musing about forwarding the idea to the CHM, regarding their shop. They may team up with a manufacturer. There may be also interest by other, similar museums (esp. in the U.K., considering the Airfix tradition).

Edit: I actually posted the idea to the mailing list of the PDP-1 restoration team – maybe, someone there could forward the idea to whoever this may concern.

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As the saying go,

I found more lego models: ENIAC, and Colossus, and Zuse’s Z23, and more




I’m amazed at the detail! Fantastic!